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The Process

Professional Logos

Our professional in-house graphic designers will create a set of premium logos to be used in all formats to ensure your logo is compatible with any means of advertisement.


As a Companies Intellectual Property Commissions third-party agent, we help you with your company registration, amendments, annual returns and company certificates to ensure you’re a legal business entity.

Local market research

Our speciality is to ensure your products get sold to the right customers. Using extensive market research methods, we maximise your conversion rates and help you be competitive in your industry.

Hoorah in-house marketing

We give you the opportunity to capitalise on the hundreds of visitors that we get across our platforms each day by setting up your Hoorah in-house marketing banners on key eye-catching estate.

Store SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a big factor in being seen on search engines such as Google and Bing. We make sure that when your store name or products are entered on Google, that you get the top spot on the search results. Our strategy allows a small budget to go a long way.


Google Ads (previously ADWORDS) are one of the most cost-effective advertising methods for e-commerce products. We ensure your catalogue to be displayed next to your competitors with a slight price advantage to get those conversions to sales.

E-Commerce equipment

Having the right equipment to run your Hoorah store successfully plays an important role in the quality of your site and customer experience when someone buys from you. Equipment includes the Hoorah Pocketshop©, light-box and any additional quality enhancing products.

Promo Videos

Promotional videos have become very popular amongst Hoorah vendors as a big part of the stores are the entrepreneur’s journey. Hoorah offers high-end promotional videos to push stories and create a community of vendors and customers.


Having your own, unique packaging contributes significantly to customer retention and also ensuring your products get delivered in 100% condition.

International market research

Not all products are export-ready for all  our international partners. We ensure that the quality and quantity of your product reaches the correct markets in a competitive manner.

Raw material sourcing

 In order to be more profitable, we help you source raw materials to not only boost your profit margins, but also the quality of your products.


Thanks to the second industrial revolution, man and machine can collaborate to become more productive. However, it comes at a price to boost production. We help you through our network of partners to source the right machinery for your business.


It’s all fun and games until your idea gets copied. Our patent attorney’s ensure that your product’s unique features stay your own so you can enjoy the monopoly share of the market and protect your business.


Once you become big, warehousing can become a costly expense. We make use of our shared warehousing model for a centralised distribution of your products and safekeeping thereof.


Successful e-commerce and inventory goes hand in hand. Being able to scale internationally can be a scary process, but through Hoorah we ensure you can handle the order volumes and scale rapidly with the growth.
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