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Choose a Package that Works for You

We believe in personal curation. In business development, the “one size fits all” approach is not applicable. These packages are purely guidelines  of costs involved to create a premium brand.

A few terms explained..

Access to local marketing research

Proper market research reports are generated based on competition, industry growth, potential and scalability. 

Video Promotion

Video promotions are an important part of showcasing the entrepreneurial stories to the customers. We often find that the support generated from videos attract supportive customers and also boost the entrepreneurs presence.

Google Adwords account and campaign

Google Ads are very expensive, yet powerful tools for targeted marketing. Our in-house Google expert ensures the right products reach the right customers.


Search Engine Optimisation is what makes your brand visible on Google, Bing and a few more search engines. We aim to build your organic presence to be easily found by your customers.

e-Commerce equipment like the Pocketshop™

e-Commerce needs the right equipment in order to offer a better customer experience. We provide you with a custom lightbox, Hoorah Pocketshop© and the necessary training packs. 

Access to international marketing research

Once we see that you’re scalable and show great potential, we identify the right international market for your product. A comprehensive report is generated that predicts scalability and potential.


Frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs.

How does the PHASE system work?

Once a phase has been selected, we conduct a business profile to curate your brand development experience. Using blockchain technology, we are able to provide you with full transparency through the process to ensure every cent gets used for the right things. Should there be any excess of funds, it will be credited back to you after the phase has been completed.

Do you offer complete brand Development?

Yes, the Hoorah Launchpad initiative covers everything from A to Z. No steps are left out to ensure strong brand identity and presence within local and/or international markets.  

Can I cancel at any time?

Should you wish to cancel your brand development process, you will be refunded the remaining balance .

What demographic do you target?

Demographics and audiences are identified in market research so the right market will always be targeted that best coincides with your specific brand and products.

What if I only need specific items under multiple phases?

You can submit a quote request bu selecting the items that you feel are needed by your business and we’ll respond within 24 hours of submission.

Bigger picture


South Africa has 1.6 million informal entrepreneurs selling their products in markets, on streets and on social media.

Hoorah Vendor

Hoorah vendors are entrepreneurs that register their free e-commerce shops on Hoorah Online Shops. Here they can use their shop as an extra sales channel, point of sale interface or migrate their whole business to our platform.

Free VAP/S

At Hoorah we provide free value added services to our vendors ranging from marketing, advanced backed data, free use of shipping accounts and much more in order to drive sales.


Once our Hoorah Vendors start getting sales and good brand presence, we have enough data to identify high potentials to expose to outside investors and funders.

Funding Model

We have developed a unique funding model for our vendors to receive funding from outside investors, creditors and donors. This funding is solemnly used for developing the Hoorah vendor’s products into a premium brand.

Brand Development

Hoorah Launchpad is our in-house brand development agency with expertise ranging from professional design, CIPC third-party, market research to export channels. We ensure export quality products after successful completion of the three phases.

Recognizing Premium Brands

Not all products are destined for greatness, but we make sure to filter through all of them to find outliers. Our brand development process ensures that each brand gets a fair chance for market adoption. Once our market research shows potential to expose the entrepreneur to foreign markets – the products and inventory are prepared for the final step in the process.

Export To Consuming Countries

Ultimately our goal is to export to consuming countries for higher profit margins for the vendor and to create real wealth in Africa.
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